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We help global market leaders achieve and exceed their sustainability goals

The Intelligent Approach To Your Sustainability Journey

Our platform assists companies in reducing and offsetting their environmental footprint. Accelerate your path to high ESG performance.

Plastic Neutrality

Take responsibility by measuring, financing, and reducing your plastic waste. Your brand now has the opportunity to lead with action.

Carbon Neutrality

With our tailored decarbonization strategy, offset and reduce your carbon footprint. Achieve your net-zero goals to drive lasting change.

Seal Of Sustainability™

Grow confidence and increase collaboration with our flagship certifications and impact engagement initiatives. Backed by rigorous standards, trusted by 60+ brands globally.

TDC Offsets

Put customers in the driver’s seat and enable them to add a few cents during checkout to wipe out the order’s plastic footprint.

ESG Consulting & Reporting

We report your environmental impact and ESG performance through smart, compliant climate disclosures. Embrace compliance and transparency, using reporting as a positive expression of your net-zero commitment.

What Our Clients Say

We’re on a mission to shape the net zero businesses of the future!

Becoming Sustainable Just Got Easy

    Bhagyashree Jain

    CEO & Founder

    The Disposal Company is a SAAS - Sustainability As A Solution Platform, backed by Accenture.

    We believe in business as the solution to net zero transition.With an impact-first approach, we unlock the power of evidence-based sustainability. We strive to create long-term change that also delivers business value.
    We are a global platform that enables businesses to measure, report, and reduce their emissions, consequently improving their ESG performance. We help brands mitigate their negative impact on the planet, making them the leaders of green economy.
    Our impact is tech-led, authentic and quantifiable. We are on your side. We are The Disposal Company.


    Our plastic neutrality service involves 3 simple steps – calculating your plastic footprint, offsetting it by investing in verified plastic waste management projects, and providing you with a certificate of plastic neutrality. It’s a transparent and effective way to reduce plastic pollution.
    We offer flexible options tailored to your budget. We scout third-party verified carbon offset projects across afforestation, waste management, renewable energy and other industries that make business sense for you. We ensure that achieving carbon neutrality is accessible to businesses and individuals across India.
    Our credibility lies in our commitment to transparency and accountability. We work with internationally recognized organizations to verify our carbon offset projects. Additionally, we provide detailed reports and certifications to showcase our clients’ sustainable impact. We document and report the plastic waste recovery, segregation and recycling by our projects to the Central Pollution Control Board. We help you communicate your plastic neutral initiatives through Seal Of SustainabilityTM.
    CPCB has recognized “Plastic Credits” as a credible model for waste management in PWM Rules 2106 and following amendment. For carbon neutrality, we engage with projects registered and verified by internally recognized organizations like Verra and Gold Standard. Our services align with global sustainability standards, making them highly credible and impactful in combating plastic waste and carbon emissions.