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Achieve Net-Zero Plastic

With our tailored plastic footprint reduction plans,
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The Plastic Action Platform

What Is
Plastic Neutrality?

Compensating for the plastic waste by recovering an equal amount of plastic from the environment via Plastic Credits.

What Are
Plastic Credits?

Market-based financial instrument used to offset plastic waste by investing in projects that reduce or prevent plastic pollution. 1 TDC approved Plastic Credit represents 1 KG of plastic recovered and recycled.

How To Go Plastic Neutral?


Calculate your company’s
unique plastic usage in a
seamless process using an
approved methodology.

Reduction Strategy

We align a custom footprint
reduction strategy with your
business goals. Explore
sector-optimized material


At a standard per KG cost
of your footprint, fund
vetted projects for plastic
waste collection, recovery


Enhance the level of trust
with your stakeholders by
leveraging our prestigious
Seal Of SustainabilityTM

Why Go Plastic Neutral?

Bridge the financing gap for plastic waste recycling
Earn consumer and investor trust
Enable transparent and tangible changes
Unlock high ESG performance ratings

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